The Environmental Importance Of Electronic Recycling

Computers and other electronics have taken over the world, but the devices themselves are not meant to last forever. They are already starting to put landfills at capacity simply because people don’t know how to properly dispose to their obsolete technology. Part of the problem is that there aren’t many obvious ways to go about computer recycling, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Pollution is dangerous for the environment in general, but electronic waste is an entirely different beast than standard plastic pollution. A few of the best reasons to help protect the environment through proper computer recycling are outlined below.

Dangers to the Environment

Computers, along with most electronics, contain large amounts of materials that are actually highly toxic. These might include mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, or any number of other chemicals used in the manufacture of high-end electronics. It is so well-known that there are dangerous materials in computer technology that it is illegal to dump that sort of waste in many civilized, first-world countries. The result is that those waste materials end up being dumped in third-world countries whose leadership decided to allow the dumping for some political or monetary repayment. Essentially, those people who are causing the problem are ignoring it completely and passing it on to those less fortunate.

Further Wastefulness

One of the main issues with recycling is that it can be difficult to convince people that recycling is absolutely necessary, especially for abundant materials that can easily be replaced. Most waste material has little value when it is recycled, but electronics are not in that category. It is important to recyle computers of all varieties for this reason. One million discarded laptop batteries contain over 35,000 pounds of copper, 30 pounds of palladium, 770 pounds of silver, and 75 pounds of gold. Humanity can not afford to ignore these valuable resources since they are so limited. Recycling computers is one of the best ways to avoid further harm to the environment in pursuit of these resources.

Education & Jobs

Ultimately, the only way to protect the environment is to teach as many members of the world as possible the importance of recycling electronics. Everything in humanity is focused around computers, and they are only going to become more integrated in the daily life of the common man. Without the proper knowledge of how to help avoid further pollution, the waste problem is only going to get worse. Educating people about the problem will lead to an industry of jobs devoted to streamlining the computer recycling process. With proper education throughout all aspects of society, it may be possible to reduce electronic waste as computers and other electronics are improved and made to last longer with fewer resources. Please visit the Recycle Your Electronics website for more information.

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