Opt for Reusable Grocery Bags, ban the Plastic Bags

Looking through the streets, it isn’t uncommon to see trash flying around like tumbleweeds. Everyone has already heard the common phrases about how littering pollutes the environment and that humans need to find away to make less of an impact on earth’s biological footprint. However, few people truly understand the damage the notorious plastic grocery bag can bring upon any environment. According to research, 4 out of 5 grocery bags are made of plastic, and with over 7 billion people populating the earth, that definitely begins to add up.

Considering a Ban
In fact, the drastic increase of plastic bag usage since its introduction in the 1970’s has resulted in certain countries, such as Australia, South Africa and Taiwan to consider putting a ban or limitation on the popular plastic.

Reusable Bags the Solution?
The simplest solution to this problem is to use resusable grocery bags. Many stores, such as ALDI, a store well known for their cheap and affordable prices, started the switch to using reusable grocery bags a few years back, and charge 50 cents for each brown paper bag.

It’s Small but it Lasts
Although plastic trash makes up a surprisingly small percentage of our national landfills at 2 percent of litter, the typical plastic bag takes between 15 to 1,000 years to fully decompose, with most leaning more towards the later years.

Plastic Kills Ocean Life
For all of the animal lovers out there, it burns to realize that over a million animals, primarily ocean life, die each year from plastic related injuries. Most of the deaths are quite gruesome. A floating plastic bag often resembles jellyfish, a favorite prey item of various seabirds and some endangered sea turtles. Upon consuming the bags, the animals may be susceptible to either starvation or suffocation as the plastic clogs vital airways.

The Government Needs More Help!
However, despite these horrific facts, few people recognize the devastation plastic bags are capable of. All it takes is to buy a couple of cheap reusable bags for groceries to protect and save the planet. Furthermore, with the lack of emphasis on these topics, there isn’t much governments can do to combat the issue without the help of its’ citizens. According to research, Washington D.C. has contained nearly 10 million plastic bags in the past 6 years. Unfortunately, despite that seemingly hearty sum, it hasn’t made any noticeable dent in protecting our environment.

A Simple Change With a Big Impact
By making the simple switch from plastic to reusable grocery bags, one can keep further landfills from overfilling, protect exotic and extravagant ocean life, and truly make an impact of the world for the better. Furthermore, it saves people money. According to research, if every person in new York used one less plastic bag every year, the united States would save upwards of 500 million dollars. If the whole world did that, imagine how much it adds up. So go, ditch that plastic and opt for a more eco-friendly option.

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