Waste Management Trends in Years Ahead

Similar to other parts of the globe, the solid waste disposal Surrey industry is facing new and ongoing challenges that are dramatically changing how companies are doing business. From landfill initiatives, recycle and more reuse, waste haulers, recyclers, landfill operators and waste management companies are finding it necessary to identify new ways to thrive.

The past couple of years have been quite interesting for the global eco-movement and the waste management sector is witnessing changes.

Advances in Technology

Innovative technologies are being widely adapted by companies seeking to remain a step ahead of the competition. For example, new containers are being developed that have many innovative features such as regularly tweaking the current container capacity so as to reduce odours coming from idle waste. A number of other container efficiency technologies have also been created to help waste management companies recycle more, use less energy, increase efficiency, and save more money. Additionally, private and public landfill operators have for many years been converting their methane into renewable, clean electricity but now the trend is to expand that technology towards a more fuel-efficient, cleaner product in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG).

More Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions and mergers among smaller waste disposal Surrey companies is becoming a fast growing trend. This new development is expanding opportunities for them to make an impact in this sector like their big competitors. While these developments help in driving the waste industry forward, it also has the potential of creating confusion among clients.

As the waste management systems, staff, and equipment transition, the customers often experience invoice change issues, cost increases, and even initial service interruptions. This could generate high levels of frustration and extra resources, and attention is needed to help the customers deal with issues of transition.

Increased Corporate Responsibility

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, it’s very easy to make and even publish hollow promises, but now more and more businesses are realizing that indeed, actions do speak louder than words. Today, the age of the conscious public and consumer is upon us. Firms are going more vocal about their sustainability initiatives and increasing their levels of self-generated waste recycling efforts.

Many waste management firms are now focusing on composting, particularly in Canadian farming regions. This is changing the kind of services being provided; the customers also have to change how they handle and recycle their own household waste.


There is much to look forward to in the years ahead, though the approach needs to be cautious. The near-future certainly holds great potential for new trends and developments that should make those in the waste disposal Surrey industry both wary and excited. Those that cannot flow with change stand at the risk of being swept aside.